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The Very First

Its always an anxious first time, isn't it?
Pounding heart, voozies in the stomach, sweaty palms, biting nails and most often, a nervous tick.

Why does it happen to us?
  • First day of the school, its starts when Mommie leaves us, the crying marthon begins thereafter
  • First day of college, It happens even when you are surrounded by friends,happens more, if you are all by yourself, scared of making any mistakes.
  • First date, first day of your work, and so many firsts that come later on.

The feeling never leaves.

And trust me, I have been in so many embarassing, foot-in-mouth, wish-I-was-invisible kind of situations, that I might just get a doctorate on the topic. It again happened to me recently at my work plce.
I normally travel by bus to work. On the first day, I was so freaked out, and a bundle of nerves, and wanting to make a good first impression, that when someone asked me as to how I travelled, I told them , I do so by train. :( Ooooooof. Thats not all, I even corrected myself, "Oh No! Did I mention, I travel by Bus."

Now, when I think about it, I think that was funny at times weird too, and I have a good laugh at myself. But trust me, that moment, when it happened, it was not.

Like I said, I have a knack for embarassing myself. In another situation, my first tram travel, n the floors were slippery, n it was cold. So like every true Indian, travelling to phoren land for the very first time, I was wearing a sweater, a jacket, n sports shoes (road side ones...with no grip). And I fell in side the tram while walking down the only two stairs. Lol. That was funny.

Now that I think about it. First times are tough.

But then, we meet people, as nervous or goofy and weird, or even more. And like they say, "Birds of a feather...."

We make friends and the world turns into this amazingly wild and funny place to jump and skip around.

Don't be embarassed of your first time situations,even  if you have ended up making a fool of yourself....if there are too many of those situations, maybe you can publish a book about them...If there are only a few, share them here.



Hiyaa at: Aug 5, 2010, 4:21:00 PM said...

An enjoyable piece of writing. You write with ease that is felt while reading. Keep them coming. :)

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