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Favourite videos: Fu bai Fu

Fu bai Fu is a program on Zee mArathi, wherein various marathi actors present their comedy skits. Winner gets a prize. Sometimes, the skits are good, and sometimes they are really bad.

Following are my favourites:

Anand Ingle & Vishakha Subhedar

Anand Ingle Kshiti Jog

Anand Ingle & Kishori Godbole

Atul Todankar & Anshuman Vichare

Atul Todankar & Anshuman Vichare

Vaibhav Mangle & Kshiti Jog

Hope you have fun watching them

दमलेल्या नंदिनीची कहाणी

The background: Balancing work and home is not an easy task.
Hats off to all the women, who manage the tight-rope walk.

Many people think that things are a little manageable out of India, what with frozen/semi cooked foods, 40 hours week, lower frustration levels, so on.
Well, the answer is no...its certainly not easy. Especially, if any one has the amount of travel like the way I have (more than an hour one way). After getting thoroughly exhausted in the office, it becomes difficult (though not impossible, as many of my friends here are excellent home makers/managers too) to come home and dish out a fresh square meal.

The story: So one fine day, tired after pasta, daal-khichadis, idli-sambhars, my husband, Aniket, said to me, after a particularly exhausting (my) day at work, one thing, he should not have......
"कांटाळ आला इडली-पिडली खाउन. किती दिवसात पोळी-भाजी नाही खाल्ली. तुला काय त्रास होतो गं...बाकीच्या तुझ्या मैत्रिणी तर बनवतात कि proper जेवण!"

Well, that is the inspiration, behind this विडंबन of a part of the song.

The song: दमलेल्या बाबाची कहाणी is one of my favorite songs, and I hope its creators don't take an offense at my humble remix. Read the lyrics and sing along.
पहाटेच उठलेली एक महाराणी,
गॅसवर ठेवलेले चहासाठी पाणी ||2||
ला ला लाला ला ला ला ला ssss  
रोजचेच आहे सारे काही आज नाही,
लवकर-लवकर अवरायाला जमतच नाही,
घरातून निघताच असते  पळत,
ट्राम सुटली तर जावे लागते चालत,

सांगायची आहे अरे नवर्या मुला
दमलेल्या नंदिनीची कहाणी तुला
ला ला ला ला ला ला ला ला ssss

च्या नगरात थंडी होती भारी
कुडकुडलेली नंदी करी बसेसची वारी  ||2||
रोज सकाळीच नंदी निघतांना बोले,
जेवण करायचे काल राहुनिया गेले,
जमलीच नाही काल भाजी मला जरी,
आज तरी करणार खीर आणि पुरी.
कुकिंग बुक्सच्या जंगलामध्ये मारू मग फेरी,
रुचिराचीपाने अन इंटरनेटची करी,
नाहीतर जमेल फक्त वरण-भात मला,
दमलेल्या नंदिनीची कहाणी तुला.

[The prose part] ऑफिसात उशिरा मी असते बसून,
भंडावले डोके, गेले कामात बुडून.
बॉस तर घरी कधिच गेला रे पळून,
काम सोडून कशी मी येऊ रे निघून.
अश्या वेळी काय सांगू काय-काय होते,
अश्या वेळी काय सांगू काय-काय होते,
गरम चहा-पोह्याची आठवण येते.
वाटते कि काम टाकुन घरी परत यावे,
वाटते कि काम टाकुन घरी परत यावे,
आरामात TV समोर सोफ्यावर बसावे.
थंड पाणी देत तू  बोल जरा माझ्याशी
नंतर जेवण बनवायला लागेन पटदिशी.

भन्नाट एक फ़र्माइश करशील काही,
बनवतांना भान मला उरणार नाही. ||2||
घड्याळाचे ठोके मग बोलतील काही,
म्हणता-म्हणता संध्या सुद्धा सरणार बाई.
तरी सुद्धा दोघे जण खाऊ खाऊ असा,
मिसळीचा कट किंवा नुसताच रस्सा.
सांगायची आहे अरे नवर्या मुला
दमलेल्या नंदिनीची कहाणी तुला


*Ruchira is an age old cooking book with recipes of every Maharashtrian recipe, starting from How to boil rice, to making Chirotes.

Favorite Dance videos

Its been some time that I posted on the blog.
However, my back, shoulder and wrist are killing me. So typing long posts get tedious. And though I have been sleeping directly on the hard floor and doing arm-back exercises, I think I will take a week or more to recover.

So till then, I think, I will upload my favorite videos.

Today's videos are about Indian influence on dances over the world. Classical/traditional is merging with more modern styles, East is meeting the West, and following are the outcomes of creative brainstorming:

America's Best Dance Crew (This one is like Dance India dance or Boogie Woogie) had Bollywood/Indian as one of the theme for its participants. This one in particular had to work around Bharatnatyam--A traditional dance style from the South of India.

So you think you can dance:

Another one from So you think you can dance

And lastly, the most popular--US national dance champions performing to Indian songs

Heres hoping you have as much fun as I had viewing them.
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