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Following are the links to the articles (available in the public domain) that I have written so far. Hope you have as much fun reading them, as I have had while penning them down:
ACCESS-NL is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the International Community in the Netherlands. The article is featured on page number 32 under the section Volunteer Profile.

Indian Express Newspapers Mumbai Ltd.
Indian Express is a premier media house in Mumbai with offerings in the B2B and B2C space across industry segments. I worked in the Business Publications Division and tracked the Lifesciences and Information Technology sectors for two B2B magazines, Express Pharma and CIO Decisions (later renamed as Express Intelligent Enterprise).

Express Pharma: Express Pharma is a B2B Publication by the Indian Express Group, offering insights to the professionals in the industry thereby meeting their need to have cutting edge information at the finger tips.

I have written most of the articles for Express Pharma under my maiden name, Nandini Patwardhan.


The impending shake up
1-15 August 2007
The entry of organised players in pharma retail, the initiatives being undertaken by the All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD), all point towards the upheaval underway and the imminent changes that will take place in the distribution structure. Nandini Patwardhan writes...

Time for a makeover
1-15 August 2006 
Organised players are slowly making inroads into the highly fragmented Indian pharma retail industry, thereby changing the dynamics of the segment. Nandini Patwardhan takes a look at the new emerging trend in pharmaceuticals industry...

1-15 May 2007 
Indian pharma is witnessing a trend of sorts, with advertising  taking the 'wellness' turn. Nandini Patwardhan takes a look at DTC campaigns and OTC advertising that has gone the wellness way...
16-31 March 2007
What was on the prescription some years ago is now available over-the-counter. The OTC market witnessed quite a few swaps from prescription to OTC. However, there is a catch in executing these moves. Nandini Patwardhan looks into the fine print of such switches...
1-15 September 2006 
Indian pharma companies are eyeing the global markets and employing tactics to grab a piece of the international consumers' wallet. But what about the average Indian consumer, who resides in villages? Nandini Patwardhan focuses on the marketing activities of pharma companies in rural areas...

OTC Marketing A Reality Check
1 - 15 November 2005
As more and more Indian pharma companies resort to out-of-the-box marketing strategies to market their OTC brands, Nandini Patwardhan tries to determine whether it is just a gimmick or whether the unconventional strategies are here to stay...


The Ambassador speaketh 
16-30 September 2007
Roche Diagnostics has intelligently leveraged the power of celebrity endorsements to make Accu Check Active, its first Blood Glucose Monitor, a trusted name amongst the diabetic population in the country. Nandini Patwardhan finds out...

Pack that fits
16-31 March 2006
Zydus Cadila has completely revamped the packaging for Sugar Free, to create top-of-mind-recall for the modern day, health-conscious buyers. Nandini Patwardhan charts the journey of this change...
Quit Smoking the NuLife way
16-31 December 2005
Nandini Patwardhan finds out...

Soaring High
16-30 November 2005
Strepsils has constantly reinvented its marketing strategy to strengthen its brand. Nandini Patwardhan discovers how innovative marketing strategies have pushed the brand to greater heights...


16-31 December 2006 
With increasing awareness and 'prevention is better than doctors' phenomenon gaining ground, vaccines market is witnessing a lot of activity. But vaccines are not an easy market to tap. Nandini Patwardhan analyses the challenges that this market puts forth...

1-15 April 2006 
Managers are trying hard to extend the life of their existing products to maintain the revenue streams for their companies, thereby making life cycle management an important issue in the pharma industry, Nandini Patwardhan discovers...

Piecing the perfect business model
16-28 February 2006 
The pharmaceutical sector is the 'in' sector at the moment. However, this evolution did not happen overnight. There has been a marked change in business strategies, which have been driven by competitive pressures. Nandini Patwardhan analyses the emerging post-WTO business models to discover the road ahead...

1-15 January 2006
Pharmaceutical companies have been outsourcing many of their processes to multiple business partners for various reasons and have been deriving benefits. As more pharma companies look towards outsourcing, Nandini Patwardhan tries to ascertain whether outsourcing is the in thing for pharmacos...

Shopping for success
1-15 December 2005
Indian pharma companies are looking for partners to make their presence felt on the global shores.Nandini Patwardhan presents a snapshot of strategic alliances that have made headlines in the pharma industry...

Made for each other
1-15 December 2005 
A merger or an acquisition (M&A) may be one of the most crucial decisions taken by a pharma company;however, its implementation is equally imporant.Nandini Patwardhan finds out more...


16-31 October 2007 
Employee dissatisfaction, if not dealt with, transforms into angst that stifles motivation, inspiration and high performance levels, and breeds discontent and attrition amongst organisations, discovers Nandini Patwardhan...

1-15 July 2006  
While a good employee is an asset that a company thrives on, an underperformer is a challenge to the management and the HR. Nandini Patwardhan looks at these so called 'underperformers' and the various tactics used by companies to deal with them...                                                                         

16-30 November 2006
Carolyn Buck Luce, Leader, Global Pharmaceutical Practice, Ernst & Young, was recently in India for the launch of Progressions 2006. She talks to Nandini Patwardhan about the the industry and its growth...

1-15 December 2005
He built the $160 million Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals ground up and aims to reach the $1 billion mark in the next five years.Nandini Patwardhan tries to get inside the mind of K Raghavendra Rao, Managing Director of the Chennai-based Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals...

Express Computer: Express Computer is a B2B Publication by the Indian Express Group, offering insights to the professionals in the industry thereby meeting their need to have cutting edge information at the finger tips.

16 June 2008 

* Will upload other stories written for CIO Decisions (The magazine is not being published anymore) very soon.

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