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Mommie come back


I am back again. I have got an internet connection in place and that means I can blog more frequently now.

Since I had nothing much to do, I did what I like the best--watch Indian mythological movies on youtube. This time, it was the story of Satyawan-Savitri. And it got me thinking....How far can one go for the one he-she loves??

It can be for partners/spouses or even parents-children or siblings or even friends!

The following poem is inspired from this eternal love story of the protagonists are a toddler (baby girl) and her mother.

Please do leave comments (than email) if you like this one or if it touches your heart :)

A strange l’il girl with her strange parents,
Walking on a road that doesn’t seem to end.
Hand in hand they go on walking,
Talking to each other, happy and laughing.

And strangely then, the road does split,
One going left and other going right.
And soon enough the sweet kid knows,
Mom isn’t there, but Dad all alone.

"Mommiee! Mommiee!" cries our honeybun,
Tears in her eyes and ready to run.
Daddy stops baby with all his might,
But nothing can hold his cherub tight.

Run, she does, on and on,
"Mommiee-Mommiee!" singing the song.
And even though so much time has passed,
She hasn’t found Mommie in this world so vast.

And then she hears  a booming voice,
"Look in your heart my dear child!"
As she remembers the good times spent,
Mommie's presence fills like a mystic scent.

And cries baby boo, tears lining her cheeks,
"Mommie come back to me for I can’t sleep.
And if you cannot come back to me,
Then please, just hear my plea."

"Don’t say no, but hold me to your bosom,
For I love you and with you I come.
Every moment without you is numbing pain,
Without you, its not sunshine but rain."

Mommie stands there as still as the silent night.
Though many daggers rip her with all their might.
A wide chasm of life and death makes sure,
Neither of them can cross over.

Both of them stand there in pain,
And suddenly things get clear again.
 Back on the road that had split,
They find themselves holding each other tight.

And the happy family is one again,
Looking at sunshine after all the rains.
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