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Those sweet things

There is a cake for every occasion! Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and even special days....or just a plain one for the mundane and seemingly ordinary day. I am a fan of all things sweet, and if nothing, I have a pinch of sugar before heading out to work...just to make sure I have a sweet day.

Its no wonder then, that I was a happy cat, when my husband brought home a box of assorted cupcakes from The Cupcake Bakery on our wedding anniversary. Red velvet, chocolate, banana, coconut...we gorged on them, till we could eat no more.

I have tried cupcakes from the George Street and QVB outlets of The Cupcake Bakery. My favorites have always been the red velvet ones. Nice and moist cupcakes, great frosting, polite attendants and quick service makes sure that I buy their cakes over and over again. While the mini ones are perfect in size; how I wish, they reduced the size of their regular cupcakes! Currently being sold in 20 delicious flavors, I think, I would love them more if they started making in blueberry or cookies and cream (just like the ice cream) flavors or even ones with gooey jams and sauces in the center. And I would be even more happy if one of their outlets opens in the Shire.

So, the next time you are nearby, make sure you buy your favorite cup cake.

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