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Those sweet things

There is a cake for every occasion! Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and even special days....or just a plain one for the mundane and seemingly ordinary day. I am a fan of all things sweet, and if nothing, I have a pinch of sugar before heading out to work...just to make sure I have a sweet day.

Its no wonder then, that I was a happy cat, when my husband brought home a box of assorted cupcakes from The Cupcake Bakery on our wedding anniversary. Red velvet, chocolate, banana, coconut...we gorged on them, till we could eat no more.

I have tried cupcakes from the George Street and QVB outlets of The Cupcake Bakery. My favorites have always been the red velvet ones. Nice and moist cupcakes, great frosting, polite attendants and quick service makes sure that I buy their cakes over and over again. While the mini ones are perfect in size; how I wish, they reduced the size of their regular cupcakes! Currently being sold in 20 delicious flavors, I think, I would love them more if they started making in blueberry or cookies and cream (just like the ice cream) flavors or even ones with gooey jams and sauces in the center. And I would be even more happy if one of their outlets opens in the Shire.

So, the next time you are nearby, make sure you buy your favorite cup cake.

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Jobs the world

Finding and sustaining job in a new country is a totally different game. More so, if you are not in the technical or objective lines of occupation like IT and finance. Even more, if you do not have a job in hand already, when you land on the newer shores. Here is a collection of experiences of my friends in HR, design, writing, marketing and allied occupations, who gave up their amazing jobs back home to accompany our partners to conquer uncharted territories.

Gone are those days when Royalty used to commission explorers to discover lands. In today's days and times, it is the global conglomerates that mandate such missions. And the sailors, happily assisted by their families, board flights to a whole new life. 

For those back home, in most cases, its 'All is Well'. But for those on the battlefield, life is totally different and the reality sinks in after the honeymoon is over. 

It all starts with the proverbial job search, posting profiles, re-tweeting and sharing "interesting" articles and connecting with all those, whom you lost touch. After the initial few months, reality and depression both sink in and the only way out seems to take up any job or connect with similar-situation people or hang in there.

"I went there for an interview," said my food blogger friend over coffee. "It was so dubious. The job was okay. But very weird." She had interviewed for a marketing position in remote corner of London city. But all through her interview, she could not shake off the nagging feeling of something being amiss. Especially when information about the company was not being given out easily. Good sense prevailed and she rejected the job. But not all of us can take that wise decision all the time and in all the situations. So just make sure you avoid these Shady Sams before saying I do.

All pain, no gain situations—These are typically, the unpaid jobs and intern positions. Those in Marketing, HR and other industries will argue that foreign experience (unless it is from US or UK) rarely counts and starting lower from your last job position is the best way to start. Agreed, but just make sure that you take up an intern position in a relatively stable company and one that gives you a stipend and legit contract. Work from home assignments have limited or no value.

Long distance affairs—Most of the times we accept a job despite the travel time. In the end, we realize that we have spent more than we have earned. End of the day, its exhaustion and that's all we get.

Enigmatic Start ups—"We are challenging the industry Leader! We have a small set up, but some amazing people and great work coming up," said Mr hotshot to my writer friend. Poor thing, she fell for it. Desperate to start working, she did not think on all the aspects. Not only did she NOT get a contract, but the company closed down in a few months leaving her high and dry, without salary and recommendations. "They were so cheap," she told me.

Such experiences and my friends' stories have only helped me to stay away from questionable employers and I hope all those in fields like mine smart up and get a job.

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