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Delulaa and I

Guys, Ta da!!!!Meet Delulaa (to be pronounced as डलूला )!!!

What should I say about Delulaa?Delulaa is one hell of a chick!My close friend. Maybe we are joint at the hip. Kind of like Siamese Twins. Its a wonder how Delulaa understands my true feelings about everything. She understands what ticks me off the right or wrong way. And she is exactly opposite of what I am and what I stand for.
I don't like to voice my opinions and reactions untill extreemly necessary! And then there is Delulaa, having her say on everything....mostly a critique. The quieter I am on my thoughts.....the more vocal she is. There have been numerous occasions when I nod my head noiselessly and Delulaa does a verbal tandav.

Some months back, me and my friend Richa, we had been to this swimming pool near our house. Now we were in this small (4 people-long) queue for the entry-tickets. And the ticket-vending guy was in no mood to give the tickets soon.....
Why??? Coz he didn't know to operate the computer. So there came another elderly guy. He taught him the operations in 20 minutes of time and 10 minutes later, we got the ticket. All of us were waiting patiently in the line...All but Delulaa. By the time ticket vending actually started, Delulaa had a much of time wasted!! She was shrieking at the top of her voice, in Mumbaiyya Hindi," Arrey!!!Jaldi-Jaldi kar be!!!Akkha zindagi lagayegaa kya ticket dene mein???!!!"
Then in a softer note, "hajaam!!"

And this is not just one of the ocassions. There have been plenty.

Then once, when I was in the crowded tram, getting ready to get down at my stop. The crowd in front of me won't just budge. And they did not even want to get down....They were standing just there blocking the door...clucking like hens and roosters, thinking if they should move or not. Delulaa was hysterical.
"Abbe, hil na bey!"
"Utarnaa nahi hai toh kyun khada hai beech mein?"
And while alighting from the tram, Delulaa concluded aloud that Dutch lack civic sense, just becaue they have never really witnessed crowds.
I would have been mortified, if I would have done something like that.
But trust her to get away with something like this.

The other day in the grocery store.
There are three billing counters and even during the rush hour, they were operating on one. The other store guys were just moving around the store. After a wait of ten minutes, I got my time at the counter. All my take-away lunch goodies were packed in a frail paper bag, which did not have handles.
Delulaa wondered (again aloud) if she was supposed to carry all this, and if any store guys would help if the bag tore open.
She promptly got a carry bag. It all ended when Delulaa rolled her big eyes and my mind....."why was he hiding those bags?"
All these incidents don't bother me because I have accepted that Amsterdam is a sleepy town. In fact, I have come to liking the sluggishness. But Delulaa, she wants to have the best of both worlds.
The slow pace of the Dutchland and the ability to poke fun at it like a true blue Mumbaiyya.


Shyamala at: Mar 24, 2010, 4:06:00 PM said...

Now I am worried. Whenever I am lecturing you...does Delulaa listen too? Or does she make fun of me?

aniket at: Mar 24, 2010, 7:12:00 PM said...

Hehehe true, you never know what she is thinking these days.....truely....vichar karte ek ani bolte ek...and these two may not be same....LOL

Lydia at: Mar 24, 2010, 7:41:00 PM said...

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Nandini Chhatre at: Mar 24, 2010, 9:27:00 PM said...

Hi Lydia, Thanks for leaving your thoughts on the blog. I have checked the website you have recomended...In comin days, will surely be concentrating on getting more traffic.

atul at: Mar 25, 2010, 8:19:00 AM said...

Hey what’s happening with you in Amsterdam
Its good you still remember the crowd of Mumbai

Nandini Chhatre at: Mar 25, 2010, 9:18:00 AM said...

Hey Atul, How can I ever forget you guys, man?? We have had some crazy, weird, eccentric......rather the best time at IE and otherwise at Press Club too. You guys are the Best!!

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