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Past few days have been crazy.
The weather here is getting better with each passing day, but back home, the heat is ever so powerful.
Add to that, the news that have been doing rounds.
The most popular one: Mayawati and her Rs 2 Crore worth money garland.......
Well, I had heard that diamonds are the girls' best I is the bosom buddy!!!
N then there was the talk about her statues.......
Well, thats narcissism at its peak, really.
A. She has really not achieved anything to get those (statue/s) done.
B. Secondly, she is not even presentable enough for anyone to look at them.
N yeah, she had to pay some compensation to people...guess she used the fund to build those statues (could be possible, dunno how political minds work) poor dear doesn't have, I mean.

Another news that befuddled me was the Muslim-dalit quota approval.According to what I understood from a chat on the topic on IBN Lokmat channel...this quota was for the dalit category of Muslims in the country........Man, I was not aware that they too have castes.....
Its a sad joke for those few deserving.
What annoys me is the fact that even though we may say that castism is a thing of past today, it is not true.
Whn I was in junior college, I had a few so called friends who would use the words "तुम्ही ब्राम्हण, you used to do this and that". I was 16 then and I had this need to belong to a group. I sat quietly and took it all.
But it made me realise how dumb they good thing.

Later on while taking admissions for a post graduate course, I came across so many quotas.....Man!It killed me. People with lesser grades than me, could get into a good colleges because of these caste/community specific quotas. I was a changed person after that.

But no I don't feel guilty for liking other countries better than my own homeland....why? simply because here, I am not denied opportunities.

N coming back to the news part.
Got to know some पाखंडी बाबा kidnapped a girl. Apparently, she was in depression and her mother took her to meet the Swami Baba........................Why? Did she not know of psycologists?or giving time to heal?
I mean there was one Sri Sai Baba....n then there are others....who are bogus. When will we realise this?

Coming to the lighter part,
We are so used to big publicity...Guess one IT guy was going to Chicago and his family ws ecstatic.
So what do they do...they ggive an ad.

 (This one is on the internet...have no intention of offending anyone...but it IS hilarious)

And then, there is the photo of supposed new jersey design for Pune IPL team doing rounds on the internet and social media pages. Truely laughable.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post, and now hoping you have a wonderful day ahead.
Keep reading.


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