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Movie Mania, the jinx is on

Hello all,

After a loong time...Hic!  My Queen's Day hangover just refuses to let go.
Guess what? After my failed manic attempt to  watch something decent on TV, I tried the cinema.
Saw three recent releases. Housefull, Prince-its showtime (Vivek Oberoi ........aaaaaaa I dont have words) and The Clash of the Titans.

After watching this fool house of  a movie, I forgot the spelling of the word.
Well that's how it has been for sometime now. With the weather playing the sometimes wind and sometimes rain game.....And Sun...guess hes on holiday.

So being cooped up at home for some time and not much to do, me and my sister in law decided to watch the latest movie-Housefull. Its about a loser Akshay kumar...and what all he does, first to get away from the jinx tag, and then to find true love....Some jokes are so bad, you don't even feel like twitching your lips, with the fear of what will form as a smile.

I won't  go into the details of this movie because  it is a senseless one. The only thing that got us laughing (more out of frustration) was Chunky Pandey as Aakhri Pasta, and his signature line for the film-- "Mamamiya, I was just joking"!!!! Oh man!!! I can still laugh remembering it. Deshmukh Junior is getting good at gay roles. That one had us smiling too.But wat was the whole suff about Ritesh Deshmukh jumping like a monkey yelping लिंगरी.

I was trying to find Chunky's videos on youtube. Snippets from the movie, that could be shared. Sadly....none.
I read somewhere that this movie is a hit back home.
This one?

Remember what Delula says: Movie not worth wasting ticket money on. Else YOU will become the biggest loser.

And then there was a chor with more.....more glamour, more gals, much more enemies and no memory..............And must I sense, no script.....bad casting. Good premise gone wrong with the subconscious inspiration from Bourne films...They never copy stuff intentionally Dearies.... So they get that benefit of doubt.
But lines like, "Its showtime", look good when blurted by glamour guys with great bods...and not not dear Vivek Oberoi, Bhaisaab bane Modern. Nandana Sen needs a stylist pronto, She has a good bosom....but she need not flash it out every second....Someone...please do her hair and change her eyemakeup!!!!!!!!!  pleaseeeeeeeee.
Coz in the movie, she looks unflaterring and wannabe. Her acting, strictly okaz.The other two chicks are okays one exemplary.

I did not understand why the villian had a robotic hand, and why he never shaved making him look constipated.....

Lastly Vivek Oberoi...There was nothing wrong with him/his acting...but he should stick to common man roles only. There were many moments where we friends had a great laugh..

Again did not understand why this movie went a hit back home. Do we really have a dearth of good movies?
Delulaa's verdict: Watch it with a group of friends so that you can find flaws, poke fun and have a great laugh.

Lastly: The clash of the Titans
Question: Why was this movie in 3D?
The special effects are no great shakes. And story is not great either.
Its about the hero, Perseus, who discovers that his real father is the king of the Gods-Zeus. But was raised by a family of mortals, whom he loses tragically. Perseus, then sets on a journey to save Argos from the fury of the Gods and fulfills his destiny.
We were so frustrated that while moving out of the theater, Delulaa, n a single entity....combined our powers into a colossal mental force to block out any memories of this movie.
Aaaaaaaaah!!!!What a toll, this cinematic karash (have made up a new magical word for mess....similar to all thos jabaerwakees and ktrakens) took on the denizens of Chhatre Land, that the other two of the family were up in arms....a Mop and a air purifier....against moi for recommending this movie.
Delulaa says: STAY Away from the Kraken and the crackpot thing called Clash of the titans.

So here we are, idiot box (nothing to see), Film Factories: bad products.
Suggest a timepass, else Delulaa and I, we might combine forces and shop shop shop in Amsterdam


aditi at: May 19, 2010, 9:46:00 AM said...

good writing!...hope your jinx with bad movies ends soon:).

aniket at: May 20, 2010, 12:51:00 AM said...

Hope your jinx ends soon. Although, i have to say, i think you knew what you were getting into with these movies. Had hopes from clash of the titans. Their attempt to cash in on the 3D mania not only cost them buckets of green bills but made those tacky visual effects make B movies look interesting. Thumbs down to all 3 movies, and a thumbs up to the post !!

Nandini Chhatre at: May 21, 2010, 6:47:00 AM said...

Hey Aditi, Thanks mate, I hope so too.
Hey Aniket,Yeah I knew what I was getting into. Did that only so I cld write this post. N BTW, I hoped that Titans wld really be good. but alas, all my hopes were shattered. N BTW, this mite be because of serious dearth of gd movies. Update: Watched Iron Man 2. I am a huge fan of RDJr. So liked it. Planning on Prince of persia and desert flower. N watched 2 parts of hindi movie it with frends so u can have a laugh, its so bad.......n these guys wonder why cant piracy be curbed. who will pay multiplex tickect money for trash.

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