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Time Flies in the Portobello Market

The Saturday that went by was so beautiful! So sunny, cheery and warm, that it would have been a crime to stay home...cooped inside the walls.

So, me and my camera...we decided to do what we love the best...visit the markets!!! This time we went to the Portobello Market- one of the oldest and the largest antiques market in the UK. Its very easy to get lost in this huge market, which takes up most of the Portobello Road. Also, in addition to antiques, you can buy fashionable clothes, jewellery, bags, art, books, household items, etc. One of the shops was selling miniatures, for the dolls houses, another, old records, while yet another was specialising in bells and keys. People-- men, women and kids-- were browsing through various stalls, looking for the best bargains.

With all that is on offer in the market, it is easy to spend around two to three hours easily here. And you will never once get bored. The best part is the wide variety of food available in the market. From Ghanian delicacies to Spanish, to French sweet and savoury crepes, to the regular burgers and fresh fruit juices. One of the stalls offers fresh pomegranate juice for £5, and it is so refreshing. You should have it after a bit of will be ready to shop again :)

Now is the right time to visit the market as many stalls and shops are offering deals and discounts. It is also very easy to get to the Portobello Market. You can take the Bus no 52 from Victoria Station and get down either at Notting Hill tube station or at Chepstow villa. The market is a 5-minute walk From Notting Hill Tube station, and starts with all the bag, clothes and jewellery shops.

For more information on reaching there and opening days and times click on:
Some snaps of the market: 


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