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Favorite Dance videos

Its been some time that I posted on the blog.
However, my back, shoulder and wrist are killing me. So typing long posts get tedious. And though I have been sleeping directly on the hard floor and doing arm-back exercises, I think I will take a week or more to recover.

So till then, I think, I will upload my favorite videos.

Today's videos are about Indian influence on dances over the world. Classical/traditional is merging with more modern styles, East is meeting the West, and following are the outcomes of creative brainstorming:

America's Best Dance Crew (This one is like Dance India dance or Boogie Woogie) had Bollywood/Indian as one of the theme for its participants. This one in particular had to work around Bharatnatyam--A traditional dance style from the South of India.

So you think you can dance:

Another one from So you think you can dance

And lastly, the most popular--US national dance champions performing to Indian songs

Heres hoping you have as much fun as I had viewing them.


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