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Friends in the Enchanted Woods

The enchanted woods is one funny place to be in. It does strange things to your head.

So make sure that your pockets are full with chocolates and candy, and that you have your friends with you, before you venture in. I learnt it the hard way.

My first trip to the woods was so scary!!! It used to be dark all the time, and the winds used to howl. Whooooooooooooo!!!!I was so scared and cold.No one to talk to, no one to ask help from. I did not know if I was going on the right path! But I had to cross the woods and reach to the other end, to the Village of Eternal Happiness. I was tired, cold and hungry. But I persisted, continued to walk on, and explored my way through the forest.

And there it was!!! I stumbled upon it. Really!!! A bottle. with a small message, which  I could  not read in the dark. I had to build a fire. It was like playing a 'hidden objects' game. I had to find all that I needed - matches, wood, some grass (They say that, in the woods, you find all that you need, but not that you desire, maybe thats why its enchanted). The fire softly lighted the surroundings in its warm glow. Finally, I broke the bottle and read the message, out loud. Little did I know it was a spell.

O'howling winds, O'mighty Sun,
I call upon thee, do not stay mum.
I am all alone, cold and scared,
No one to share my joys with, or to calm me in despair.
Grant me a wish, give me this boon,
Angels by my side, morning, night and noon!

Nothing happened!
I continued my tired walk, and then I saw them.....
Unicorns!!!! one on each side of me, protecting me from the dangers and pointing me towards the right path to my destination. Unicorns! Their presence is overwhelming. They give you so much love.Wise men say that you commit the ultimate sin, one that cannot be redeemed, if you kill a unicorn.

Somewhere down the road, I also met a pair of sheep-dogs. Playful and naughty, making sure, I do not divert from my destination, they made my journey more exciting than ever. I also came across the wide-eyeded owl. Hooting for me...telling me, I am not alone and lonely.

I continued trotting on my route. But it was not so dark and gloomy anymore.The woods were bathed in soft glow. I could see the Robin's nest and the sleeping babies. There, near the roots of an old oak, was the home of the working ants. Some were having their meals, others carrying heavy loads of food. By the silver lake, were trees and flowers of almost all kinds, and ones never seen before. Some trees had leaves so long, you could hook them in other branches and have a nice hammock-cradle ready in minutes. Just jump in and sleep away. And there, in one of those hamradles (hammock+cradle) slept the prankster polly. She used to be with a pirate, not so long ago. But after the ship sank, she moved to different places, in search of her own little paradise. And now here she was, this one sharp tongued polly. We started off on a very good note, and decided to journey together. And as I continued on the road, I saw, that it was not dark anymore. My path was full of sunshine and the lazy breeze kissed my hair and cheeks. I could smell the fragrance of wild apples and also of the lavender from the jungle. The soft grass cushioned my steps and formed a soft mattresses whenever I was tired and in need of a nap.

And then I met the colourful-giraffe. He was a darling! n funniest co-incidences of all? He was travelling to the Village of Eternal Happiness too!!! We became the best of friends, the thickest of pals, and partners in many crimes, through my, rather our journey.

All my friends made my journey so beautiful. We talked and laughed...Now that I think about it, its so strange, that we could speak the same language, being so different. But we did have a good time.

I reached my destination in no time. Time really flies, when you are with your loved ones-friends, or whom I call, Angels.

And today, I take the journey to (not through) the woods, yet again. My pockets filled with candies and chocolates, cupcakes and sanwiches. Oh! Did I forget to tell you that we friends were having a tea party today to celebrate our friendship?

Well, you are invited!!!

Note:  Both the images are taken from google imagesearch. The first one belongs to the Holland-based artist, Nadia Karroue ( Do visit her website if you are interested in art.The second one was taken through plain google image search.


~ Lopa at: Aug 17, 2010, 1:39:00 PM said...

Hi Nandini,
A fellow Indian blogger here in NL. yeyyyyy :)

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