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Whose dress is it anyways!!

Have any one of you ever been to a store, only to find that they don’t have your healthy size?

“Sorry M'am, we do not keep this size anymore.”

“Sorry M’am, we are out of stock on that one.”

It happens to all of us, all the time. Its an altogether different feeling to realize that you may not find stuff on the racks that fit you…maybe, because, you might be the plus size.............. or even a minus one
And then you check the stuff that is there for your size….nope! not at all flattering, I must say.

This has happened to me quite a lot of  times even in my hometown (I still do not believe this…given that Indian women have always been a little healthier and curvier of the lot). The stuff, that was really available in my size….tsk tsk…was at times more gaudy. So I never felt like buying it.

And it drew me into a more viscious cycle, leading to depression, not leading to fat loss, and the size increases, harrowing shopping experiences.

And while wallowing in my sare-jahan-ka-shopping dard-mere-kaleje-mein state, I had this enlightenment!!!

One day...over a nice coffee and a gossip session, the topic moved to shopping. One of my dear freind said, " you know what! Shopping escapades have turned into shoc-a-pades for me. I am so thin, I can't find stuff in the regular racks, as I am thin, and not even in the petite sizes, coz I am fat for them...
oh!How I have come to hate shopping....
You know what! So I prefer to buy shoes and bags these days."

And trust me, she has a cupboard full of them....We knew about emotional eating...this is emotional shopping!

At work, shopping is one of our favorite topics. Which stores are offering discounts/deals, or which one is launching a new collection!!

And then, I relaized that there is the tall and the short to this story. Amongst the seven of us in the team, we make up the width and height sizes. Well, the tallest of my friends has a trouble finding clothes as they end up being short, and me....well, the necks are deeper and lengths wayyy to long....

Others have difficulty in finding clothes that hide their hips or make them look fuller.


“You know what!, I wanna reduce my flab,” wrote my already slim frend via email. There are these whole new collections of tube tops and strapless, n off shoulders that I want to wear” I was flabbergasted…I did not realize she had flab on her slim-to-thin frame.

N then I looked at myself…………………………

But its really incredible. Though I am not aware of the statistics, but I would love to believe that atleast a third of the world population might be suffering from I-can't-find-my-size syndrome. What is, however bothering, is the trend for skinnier clothes.

Do measure the waistlines of the trousers you buy, 8 out of the 10 times, will you notice, that while it mentions a particular waist size, that might not be entirely true; and the waist size may fall an inch short of it…… reducing the wearer to an unnecessary depressed state and a feeling of being flabby.

Another point, sizes for one brand may not be the same for other brands.

So the question, The dresses on the shops racks, "Whose dresses are these anyways?"

Models? Well they won't shop from stores that mass produce, would they?

Manequinns?  Are they really bothered about what they are wearing?

Are they for us? regular working women, who love our food and would like to enjoy it to the last crumbs on the plate? I don't know.

But, what the heck, I am happy….having my cake and eating it too….in as much quantity as I desire.

Note: Image taken from google search


Varsha at: Sep 15, 2010, 9:45:00 PM said...

Ohhhh.....glad it happens to everyone!

I prefer tailor made clothes for this very reason! They are unique (well almost) and fit you well unless the tailor goofs and no need to feel sad that you wear largest size in the store!

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