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Save my dream!!

O' Great Spirits! O' Great Lords, over us you tower tall,
Hear my cries and grant a favour to this gal.
Take me through my life that has past,
To learn from my mistakes at last,
And when I have seen what was unseen and must be known,
Bring me back to the present, confident and all alone.

I ain't no witch. I know not,  any spell or if this one shall work. But everytime I say these lines, while embracing a deep deep sleep, I step into a strange land.
A gloomy land at that. No one but me. Clothes tattered as they get tangled in branches of the massive trees and shrubs that cut on my ankles; road full of dirt and murk, soiling my vintage shoes, and not just that, insects buzzing and scratching, giving me a huge headache.

I set out on a journey to achieve the unachievable, to attain the unattainable, on this very road. I am so tired, the road has no end. But I see the soft golden glow of my prize at the very end. There are so many milestones that I have passed, but I didn't waste another minute looking at them or at the earlier distractions. I run, and I run and I run towards my dream. Yet my dream! Seems so afar! With every milestone I pass, It just slips further away!

And I wake up with a scare, what if? I never get the prize?

Oh yes! The spell works!

It did show me the unseen, and that, which I should have known.

It showed me that I did not look at the boughs, that held beautiful fruit in their bosoms, for me to eat, and freshen my self. It showed me, that I did not bend, to nurse my feet. And I missed the lovely scent of the flowers, that were perched on them; those which also kissed and soothed my tired legs.

It showed me, had I seen the murk more closely, I would have seen that the insects, which I thought were scratchy were in fact fireflies, glowing for me, to light my path, so that I don't suffer a nasty fall. The milestones that I passed were important events in my life-academics, accolades and honours, friendly banters, beautiful relationships- were my early successes that I should have celebrated, with friends and family. And I just ignored them, restless for the bumper draw, a distant dream.

To answer the question, What if...

I haven't won the prize yet, but today I am at peace. The shrubs and the trees- my friends, rejuvinate me on my path of life. The glow worms-my family, softly show me the way in this big bad world. I am a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a sister and a wife, and I cherish all these roles. Now, I celebrate every milestone, personal, professional or academic, and this gives me energy and speed boosters to continue my journey.

My ultimate prize? Well I always wanted to be THE Career woman, who can balance responsibilities at home too.
I have not achieved it, but I am almost there on the latter half. And a belief that the former half will also be mine.

A big Thank you to my family and friends who have stood by me.

Note: The image is taken from google imagesearch. It belongs to the Holland-based artist, Nadia Karroue ( Do visit her website if you are interested in art.


s at: Jul 5, 2010, 3:02:00 PM said...

Hey Nandu,

Liked it. I would say cherish this time when you can spend with your loved once. We always take our family, friends and everything that should matter to us for granted. I think more than winning the prize it is always about how comfortable you are with what you are doing. You are an awesome person. As for career, you will be successful in that too.

Nandini Chhatre at: Jul 5, 2010, 3:04:00 PM said...

Hey Shivu,

Thank you dear! Yeah I understood all these things after 30 years of my being. But yeah, loving every moment of life regrets n no greed for anything else. :)

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