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Dutch Commercials and more

I am back with a few commercials.

The first one, by Amstel beer is currently being aired on TV. I do not understand the dialogues...but here is my take.

The lady sees a tatoo in an oriental language on the guy's (maybe boyfriend) arm, and is touched by the gesture or the emotional dope given by him.

Cut to a cafe/pub/restaurant and the guy is with his friends. He calls out to the bartender and asks for 4 beers.
I think it subtly points to their earlier positioning--men will be men!

 Amstel beer commercial

Heineken  beer commercials

Jenifer Aniston Vs Heineken
I think this commercial  came about in 2007 and was a banned one. I don't know the reason for it being banned.But its a cute one. The guy chooses (some might think he is a jerk, or stupid or even gay) his beer over the beautiful actress. Some bloggers recommend this one for its  humor and use of a catchy song, Happy Together by The Turtles.

Walk in Fridge
According to information posted on, Heineken aired their video called Walk In Fridge early 2009. It was originally meant for the Dutch market but ended up going viral over the entire world with 1.500.000 views in the first week and millions in the period after the first week.

KitKat Ads
Nestle's Kitkat has been in news for sometime on account of its commercials. Even the new tennisball ad ran into controversies when a few viewers contacted the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to complain that they were worried the ad could cause children to copy the ad and end up choking on tennis balls if they put them in their mouths. However, the ad got cleared and the company must have breathed easy. This ad was in line with the latest Nestle campaign for KitKat, 'Working Like a Machine?'.

The ads are light-hearted and showcasemen re-enacting/imitating jobs normally handled by various machines that we all encounter in our everyday lives, thereyby demonstrating 'Working Like a Machine?' in the literal sense. One of the two launch adverts, 'Checkout' is set in a supermarket checkout.
See the video to know more.

Coke celebrates FIFA
Coke is one of the major 2010 FIFA World Cup sponsors, launched its biggest ever global ad campaign to support the game.The advert focuses on one of football’s most memorable moments -- when 1990 FIFA
World Cup™ hero, Roger Milla, scored a FIFA World Cup™ goal and then, in a display of
unbridled joy, danced his now legendary “corner dance” in front of a Coca-Cola perimeter
board (states the official release). His celebration became an icon for players and fans the world over, and Roger Milla became a Coca-Cola global football ambassador.

The “History of Celebration” TV commercial features a compilation of international teams and players showing off their celebratory moves.

The soundtrack featuring K’Naan's track-‘Wavin’ Flag – Coca-Cola Celebration Mix’, will be used as the music throughout the entire Coca-Cola campaign, and is already climbing up charts across the world.

The live, shorter version

Hope you enjoy watching the videos.


Anonymous at: Jul 2, 2010, 7:29:00 PM said...

You'll see more of the Coke-FIFA ad now :-)

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