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"Hi Dad."

"Hi Dear."

I feel so nice whenever my Daddy gives me a call.

"What are you upto these days Beta? Have you been too busy?Is everything okay? No phone call?"

"I'm okay Dad!Had been very tied up with the farming...also, decorating the new apartment that I just bought and guess what, I tried and tried...and now am the MAYOR or my city!!!!Can you believe it??

"Yeah thats me!"

"WHAT!???!!!" Thats all my Dad said......or was surprised..or shocked.

He was not aware of the Facebook games that I played...It took some time to explain him, how it all came to be. And then he asked me as to why I am doing all the stuff virtually? And that I would be better off if I did even the ten percent of the work in reality.

Oh Phooey!!! 

I mean, why go out in the fresh air after all, when you can do all those activities in the recycled air of the air conditioner, at the click of the mouse!!!

But I am afraid I can't stay in the house for long....have to see the physio....suddenly I have got this nagging back, wrist and elbow/fore-arm pain!

Jokes apart, doctors have been stressing the increase in the number of cases with Repetitive Strain Injury [RSI], given that we work less and play more using mouse clicks. They say, it gets resolved with rest. Or may be, by actually going out and doing things.

But will that ever happen???


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